The Brand Research

The Brand Research

Phase 2 - The Brand Research Process & Deliverables


The Brand Research is developed to help the company to understand the critical brand elements of its Top 10 competitors’ brands, such as:

1. Brand Position
2. Brand Differentiator
3. Brand Strengths
4. Brand Weaknesses

It will be conducted via desktop research based on publicly-available information

The components

History: Understanding the history of the competitors for insights on how to beat them

Brand Position: Understanding this will help us develop a stronger Brand Position of our own

Brand Differentiator: Knowing how competitors are differentiated will help us develop a better Brand Differentiator of our own

Brand Strengths & Weaknesses: Knowing the competitors’ brand strengths and weaknesses can help us neutralize key strengths

The steps

1. Determine the company’s Top 10 competitors overall

2. Collate all available data on the competitors through both online and offline sources

3. Analyze the data to make sense of it

4. Present the findings to the client in a clear and concise manner

The deliverables

1. 1X half-day brand research presentation

2. 1X closing report on the Brand Research which will include the following:

– An analysis of each Top 10 competitors’ Brand Position
– An analysis of each of the Top 10 competitors’ brand strengths and brand weaknesses
– An analysis of how the Top 10 competitors can differentiate their brand so we know how to create a better differentiator in Phase 3