The Brand Position

The Brand Position

Phase 1 - The brand position development process & deliverables


The Brand Position is a statement of the brand’s strategic intent. The brand Position tells the world what the brand is about; where it is going; and how it will get there.

The Brand Position helps to shape the thinking and behaviour of every person in the company so that it can achieve its goals.

The components

Vision: The future that the brand wants to create

Mission: How the brand achieves the Vision via its Product, Process & People

Category: The space that the brand will compete in

Brand Values: The 3 values that are the most important

Value Proposition: The No. 1 benefit the brand brings

Enemy: Defining the enemy the brand is here to defeat. Having an enemy gives the brand a reason to exist

The steps

1. Introduction to the 10 Rules of Branding  that all strong brands are built on

2. Detailed explanation of how each of the 6 Brand Position components work

3. Case studies on great Brand Position statements

4. Develop the Brand Position

5. Finetune on the Brand Position based on client feedback

The deliverables

1. 1X half-day brand education & brainstorming session. Will be virtually if necessary

2. 1X closing report on the new Brand Position that includes the brand’s new:
– Vision
– Mission
– Category
– Brand Values
– Value Proposition
– Enemy Definiton

Instructions on how to make the new Brand Position come alive from top to bottom