The Brand Differentiator

The Brand Differentiator

Phase 3 - The Brand Differentiator Development Process & Deliverables


The Brand Differentiator is a simple but powerful idea associated with the brand that makes it unique in a hyper competitive market.

The idea must be relevant to customers.

The idea cannot be easily copied by competitors.

The idea should also be defended vigorously

The components

The Brand Differentiator is developed using one of these 13 strategies listed in the book Killer Differentiators:

1. Sales Leadership
2. Technology Leadership
3. Performance Leadership
4. Next Generation Product
5. How A Product Is Made
6. Where The Brand Is From
7. Ownership
8. Personality
9. The Opposite Position
10. Specialization
11. Preference
12. Heritage
13. Design

The steps

1. Understand the Top 20 Competitors’ key Brand Differentiator in order to neutralize it

2. Educate the client’s team on each of the 13 Strategies of Differentiation

3. Analyze The 13 Strategies of Differentiation in detail to determine which one is the best for the brand

4. Determine if the intended Brand Differentiator will be relevant to customers and defensible against the competitors

The deliverables

1. 1X half-day workshop on brand differentiation to be conducted virtually if the situation calls for it

2. 1X closing report that articulates the new Brand Differentiator including:

–  Comprehensive analysis of The 13 Strategies of Differentiation
– Recommendations of the best Brand Differentiator to use
– Justifications & evidence to support the new Brand Differentiator