PSG Grant

PSG Grant

Mobile Community Tech is a solution for businesses to easily and accurately track their stock in real-time, using RFID

Offered as a mobile computer and or a web based application, they can maintain a comprehensive visibility of their inventory, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution

What is the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG)

The Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) was launched in 2018 to assists business in their transformation journey. PSG supports the adoption if pre-scooped IT solution and equipment to enhances business processes; also companies keen to improvise productivity by adopting technology solutions can now tap on this simplified grant.

How much is the grant?
The current funding support level for PSG is 80%*. The current rates will continue until 31 March 2022. *Note: The PSG is subject to your company’s grant cap. You can check the current status of your grant cap via the Business Grants Portal (BGP). PSG applications after 1 February 2021 will be considered as part of the grant cap for the next financial year.

Applying with SHOPLINE

Information when applying grant with SHOPLINE:

1. Get a quotation from SHOPLINE adn submit in the Business Grant Portal (BGP)

2. Wall for a Letter of Offer: takes 5 – 6 weeks

3. Once application is done, merchants will have to submit 1-month usage report and invoice (company name and address must be the same as per ACRA) in BGP to apply for reimbursement

4. Upon submission, merchants will just have to wait for their reimbursement


Getting ready to submit for PSG in the portal

1. Your company’s UEN, CorpPass ID and password for login to the Business Grants Portal

2. Website

3. Vendor quotation for SHOPLINE (unsigned)

4. Latest financial statements available

5. Key financial indicators (in SGD) such as:

– Revenue

– Net Profit before Tax

– Overseas Sales (if applicable)


* For business owners who recently just registered their business, and do not have P&L statement, please indicate that this is a new business and isn’t operational for a year yet, hence, unable to provide P&L. If merchant do not have audited statements, please attach statement with company stamp and director signature.


** If business owners have already claimed PSG in the same year before, P&L statement is not needed as they would already have submitted in the previous time.


Documents for reimbursement for PSG:

1. Purchase Order or Signed Acceptance of Quotation / Contract

2. Invoice

3. Screenshots showing; Company Name and Name of IT solution

4. One month Usage Report

5. Receipt or Copy of cheque (if payment is made by cheque)

6. Bank Statement (Corporate Account) showing payment

* Step by step guide here

Benefits of RFID &
Cloud Inventory Management System

RFID & loud Inventory Management Package:
1 unit of Android Mobile Computer
1 unit of Cloud base inventory management software
2,500 pieces of UHF RFID
1 day training to hand on the solution
3 years hosting and system maintenance
1 year warranty for one RFID mobile computers
Pre-installation with maximum 100 tag tagging

Stock Take

Perform your stock take in minutes by simply waving through the stock with the RFID mobile computer


Identifying items using RFID is quicker than barcode scanning or manual counter of product details


Improve inventory accuracy, business profitability and purchasing efficiency


Prevent and reduce overstocking, understocking, manual labor count & inaccuracy

Customer & Staff experience

Improve customer’s buying experience by offering more accurate stock info and staff proficiency for quicker checkout


RFID tags can be read simultaneously. They are also very durable, secure and not easy to counterfeit