On-Demand Services

Tax and Accounting Service

Our experienced team will assist you to handle the secretarial work while you can focus on your business. We will keep an eye on deadlines, filling and tax obligations, so that you won’t exhaust your time on fruitless web searches to stay compliance to Governance.

Tax and Accounting Service

Efficient and Professional service you can reply on. We take care of your accounting and bookkeeping with ease while you focus on your core business.

Print and Mail Service

Looking for a one-stop solution to impersonalised print and connect with your customers?

Terra’s print and mail service, is specifically designed for corporate clients who need to regularly connect and communicate with their consumers or retails customers via direct mails.

It can be used for marketing, promotions, correspondence and notification. We understand the importance of data protection and security while our service remain reliability and accountable.

Contact Centre Services

Need help in managing customer expectation?

To cater to the rising expectation of customers, it will take a lot of justification to invest heavily and accurate forecasting to establish an effective and knowledge contact centre.

Terra’s contact centre service handle both outgoing and incoming telephone calls from your customers and prospects.

We can offer assistance in:
– Handling incoming
– Offering support
– Telemarketing
– Conducting interviews