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EDG for Branding & Marketing

As an SME, you can use Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for branding

You can get up to 80% subsidies from Enterprise Singapore, meaning you only pay just 20% for branding

Branding is more than a logo. It is about your internal brand culture and how it aligns with your own vision, mission and values. It is about positioning your brand against your competitors. It is about every single brand touchpoint in your customer’s journey. It is about who you are deep down and how you express it clearly, consistently and distinctively. In today’s flat world, branding is mission-critical.

Corporate Branding & Marketing

Branding VS Marketing

Branding is the nail, it is what you do to differentiate Marketing is the hammer, it is what you do to communicate your brand’s differentiate idea

The Importance Of Differentiation

All the light bulbs are brand new and come with a 1-year warranty. As you can’t tell the difference, you will simply buy the cheapest one. The same goes for your brand. If you don’t have a differentiating idea that is relevant to customers, you will have to sell cheaply.

The 13 Strategies Of Differentiation

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The Branding Methodology

Brand position

Develop the 6 building blocks of a solid Brand Position statement:
1. Vision
2. Mission
3. Category
4. Brand values
5. Value proposition
6. Enemy definition

brand research

Desktop research on the Top 10 Competitors  to determine their:
1. Brand strengths
2. Brand weaknesses
3. Brand differentiator
4. How to neutralize the competitors’ differentiator

brand differentiator

Develop a relevant and defensible differentiator using the 13 strategies of differentiation  from the Killer Differentiators  book by Jacky Tai

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