Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

“We provide interactive and social media integration services, including customized development to optimize your digital touchpoints.”

Services Provided

The rising popularity of social media has changed the way businesses operate today. Social media is a powerful tool to monitor trends among your customers, to promote your products and to engage your customers on a more personal level.


Terra Systems solutions recognized the importance of social media in an online marketing campaign. We assist to define a social media strategy based on your business objectives. As an end-to end IT solutions provider, we also have the capabilities to develop both the front-end and back-end systems to power your social media programs.


We also optimized your other digital touchpoints with interactive and social media integration to boost your website traffic. After all, a website is only as effective as the amount of traffic it generates.


Specifically, our interactive and social media services include:

Search Marketing

Increase brand awareness and generate leads from users with relevant intent through optimised search strategies

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience through creative social media advertising on the largest social media networks in Singapore

Content Marketing

With text and image-based content, you will be engage, convince and convert your target audience to fall in love with you, and do business with you

Funnel and Website

Help to visualize the process of turning leads into customers

Influencer Marketing

Enhance your brand awareness, building trust and authority between influencers and fans to reach specific target audiences

Video Marketing

Using aesthetics and visuals to help draw in the viewers attention to your brand that can appear in any other platform

Digital Marketing Tools
Outsourcing Services

Organise their content calendar Assets in one place Timed to perfection based on when your followers are most active

Create innovative and effective websites Capture brand Improve conversion rate Maximize revenue

Designing Newsletter Mass Sending

Consist of AI machine learning techniques that includes:

– Syntax Parsing
– Sentence Chaining
– Tokenization
– Speech Tagging Methods