Connect co-workers, partners, vendors and customers

Services Provided

Managed Services

1. Anti-Email Spoofing (AES) by CySecure
2. Security Operations Centre – Monitoring & Alerts
3. Managed Endpoint Detection & Response


1. Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
2. Breach & Attack Simulation
3. Red Teaming
4. Social Engineering Campaigns

Products Anti Email SPoofing (AES) SaaS

Stop an organization's email from being impersonated
Ensures deliverability of each email
Avoid misuse of company brand for the purpose of malice (EG. to conduct phishing or scamming)

Target clientele for AES

Corporate and Accounting Agencies

Utility Companies


Suppliers of Construction Materials


Unified Communications

Unified communications is a methodology of unifying separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience.


Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio-video conferencing, and web collaboration in one interface, with ”presence” notification to indicate your availability for participation.

It has never been easier!

Finger swipe lets you move between tablets, smartphones and or desktop phones, while One Number Service lets calls follow you to whatever device you select – whether in the office, home or fishing lodges.

Physical Security

Cost Effective

Integrate Tightly with IP network

Protect Existing Investment

Video Surveillance

Terra has the industrial experience and resources to plan and implement a robust security system catered to your needs. With our technical expertise, we design and install a suitable system and more importantly, we incorporate solutions and strategies that grow and change with your needs.