Cloud Practices

Cloud Practices

“We design the best cloud strategy for you – whether it is a brand new infrastructure, or migrating existing infrastructure to the cloud.”

Services Provided

Terra Cloud comprises of Hybrid Data Centre in Singapore and Cloud partners such as AWS, Azure and Google. Our company provides managed services to support all your business IT needs from multi-platform communications, conference, security, business operations using cloud technology covering both remote assistance and onsite support.

Our team of dedicated cloud experts exercise cloud-smart strategy; evaluate, plan, integrate and configure the cloud design that best fit your business processes along with the right cloud architecture platform that comply with your industry standards.

We are close working partner with the main Cloud Service Providers (CSP) as each CSP has different framework depending on user’s business, technical, security level, budget, operations requirements,  and governance

Our commitment  to clients along with impeccable service quality, professional ethics and the right CSP enable us to develop seamless and cost-effective business software applications successfully.

Voice Intelligence

Perform voice intelligence is a professional cloud-based or on-premise speech to text software solution that provides almost real-time transcribe of speech content onto texts depending on the network capability. Using deep learning technology, the system comes with enhanced accuracy on major languages using linguistic algorithms to sort auditory signals and transform the information into texts.

Traditional ASR System

Popular application for:

1. Customer Service Enhancement: Boost customer service system with IVR (interactive voice response) and agent conversation to your call centre. Perform analytics on conversation data to gain more insights into the calls and customers

2. Transcribe Multimedia Content: Improve your audience reach and experience with text on your audio and video content