Author: Terra Systems

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Throughout the years, there has been a constant growth of people turning to social media in their daily lives across the world. A simple trip to your shopping mall or even a stroll in a park is enough to see that almost everyone stares at their phone while they go about on their daily lives. […]

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses remote servers to store information or data instead of a local server which made accessing and storing information much more easier for big companies and organisations. Benefits of Cloud computing Cloud computing boasts several attractive benefits for businesses and end users. Five of the main benefits of cloud computing are: 1) Efficiency […]

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Best ways to prevent Hacking

How to prevent cyber-attacks from happening to your company In this age of information, it is important for companies to practice good cyber security to protect their data. Hackers are now able to single handedly cripple entire companies through data tampering and data mining and tend to target smaller companies as most growing companies tend […]

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