What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses remote servers to store information or data instead of a local server which made accessing and storing information much more easier for big companies and organisations.

Benefits of Cloud computing

Cloud computing boasts several attractive benefits for businesses and end users. Five of the main benefits of cloud computing are:

1) Efficiency as end users practice Self-Service workflow

Users will be able to access and compute unlimited information when necessary without the traditional need for IT adminstators to manage the sources.

2) Flexibility in Storage

Companies will be able to store as much information as when they need or even as little as possible if demand was to decrease. In the past, companies would need to invest high amount of money for additional storage space.

3) Quicker Data Transfer

Users will be able to transfer data from different platforms faster without the need of additional cost. Cloud computing made it alot easier for users to transfer files which helps to increase productivity for their companies.

Types of cloud computing services

Cloud Computing is divided into 3 categories:-

1) Infrastructure (IaaS)

2) Platform Service (PaaS)

3) Software Service (SaaS)

IaaS and AWS are virtual server providers that help users to provide storage space which includes using Application Programming Interface (API) to help users in migration of workloads through Virtual Machine (VM). IaaS gave users flexibility in storage space which is beneficial for companies as different companies have different workloads