Best ways to prevent Hacking

Best ways to prevent Hacking

How to prevent cyber-attacks from happening to your company

In this age of information, it is important for companies to practice good cyber security to protect their data. Hackers are now able to single handedly cripple entire companies through data tampering and data mining and tend to target smaller companies as most growing companies tend to invest less into cyber security as compared to larger organizations. Let me share some tips on how you can stay safe from the dangers of hackers and how to secure your company data.

1) Educating your workers :
It is important that your company provide guidelines on how to spot e-mails or websites that are made by hackers through proper training and regular exercise. Employees should be able to identify and avoid an e-mail or website that is suspicious, however, It might be tricky for some to spot as hackers are highly intelligent and good at manipulating information and thus, the company should make sure workers are educated enough.

2) Overseeing and Management of Company Network
In the event that an employee is still unable to identify and avoid hackers, the company should have a contingency plan by managing the overall company network daily through a security team that oversees and monitors the daily network activities. This will make it much easier for the company to track down the root of the hack if it occurs as a failsafe.

3) Invest in a good anti-virus software
No matter how tight of a budget a company might be under, it is important to have a good anti-virus software to ensure the safety of your precious data. A good anti-virus software can be the difference between compromised data and secured data.

4) Regular change of password and practice in setting a high strength password
It is important to make changes to your password frequently to prevent hacking and not advisable to have the same password for years as ex or rogue employees with the knowledge of the passwords to your company’s accounts can pose a significant threat to your company. It is a good habit for a password (case-sensitive) to have a mixture of alphabets, numbers and symbols with both uppercase and lowercase letters for more variety.

5) Use cloud but use it wisely
Cloud storages are useful when sharing data within organisations, but should never be used to share sensitive or highly confidential information as cloud storages are notorious for being easily hackable. Thus, controlled and regulated use of cloud systems is reccommended